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Slade Law practices an assertive, common sense approach to conflict
prevention and resolution. We work hard for cost-effective and
proactive dispute resolution using skills honed not only in
the courtroom, but also in the boardroom.


The Firm

Slade Law is an LA area law firm with East Coast sensibility

Firm principal Larry Slade is a New York City native, successful entrepreneur, and licensed attorney with over 25 years experience building and protecting businesses. Growing up in Manhattan, Slade learned lessons about the real world – especially how to stay out of trouble. This street-savvy skill is one that Slade has perfected over the years in his dealings both in the boardroom, and the courtroom.

Slade’s business career started in Manhattan where he built his own marketing consulting firm while attending law school at night. His law career started in Miami, Florida as a trial lawyer, serving as Assistant State Attorney in the prestigious Dade County State Attorney’s Office. When Slade moved West, he took on several entrepreneurial ventures, coming full circle in 2001 when he opened his own boutique law firm, Slade Law.







Our Work

Slade Law works proactively and aggressively on your behalf

From real estate deals gone awry to imploding partnerships, general and family business disputes, breach of contract, fraud and all matters that could land you in court, Slade Law puts your needs first and advocates tirelessly on your behalf.

With detailed options, straight answers, and concise explanations of complex matters, Slade Law puts issues and problems into perspective. Slade gives clients a clear understanding of not only where they stand, but also how they can efficiently extricate themselves from any given situation.

Start-Ups and Business Formation

Business Check-Up

Partnership Disputes

Family Business Disputes

Says Who?

Business expertise, insight and a unique perspective to best serve you

What sets Slade Law apart from other law firms is founder and principal Larry Slade’s first-hand experience in entrepreneurship, start-up ventures and companies, and small business ownership. A practical problem solver, Slade brings a unique perspective with efficient, time and cost effective solutions to his clients’ challenges. Direct and articulate communication skills are the result of two decades as a dynamic attorney — the signature of Slade’s Street Savvy approach to get the best possible result for his clients.

Slade has delivered sales training and business development seminars for Fortune 500 companies, served as Vice President of Sales and Marketing for a successful startup technology company (60 employees, over $50 million in annual revenues), and owned a successful post-production facility that grew into an 11,000-square-foot multimedia operation. After almost 20 years counseling businesses and trying cases, in addition to his business experience, Slade is an expert negotiator and forceful advocate.



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Having personally handled and resolved thousands of disputes, Slade Law is headed by a street savvy business lawyer that can help you identify your best options and guide you through a focused, efficient negotiation process.

Should settlement not be in your best interest, Slade is a successful trial lawyer who is well liked by juries and respected by judges for his honesty, directness, and integrity.